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Our History

Beginning, 2008

Tim Williams began his freelance career as a web developer and graphic designer. Starting out with non-profit religious organizations, a new journey began.

Official Establishment, 2010

Our CEO wanted to become officially recognized as a business within the creative design industry and formed Supreme Design Enterprises LLC in Saint Louis, MO.

Agency Rebranding, 2017

Supreme Design Enterprises goes through a rebranding stage and becomes Tims Web Solutionz. Tims Web Solutionz becomes an official LLC in April.

Agency Digital Launch, 2018

After industry research and successful backing, Tims Web Solutionz host their Digital Launch (September 28, 2018) towards a new and exciting journey.

Agency Integrity

Experience Since 2008

Our Mission

As a growing agency within the creative design industry, Tims Web Solutionz has served companies since 2008. Built on the core principles of creativity, diversity and growth, our agency is dedicated to creating genuine connections with our clients and their audience. Our origins began as web developing agency, but now we’ve grown into a full-service marketing and advertising agency to serve and deliver.

As a creative agency, we will inspire to develop a diverse culture of creative individuals that provide innovative and artistic ways to revolutionize the design industry and its many different aspects. We pride ourselves on serving all of our clients with the best of our knowledge and abilities. In doing so, we can create lasting relations and continue to help our clients, partners and sponsors growth. The future is our canvas and we are ready to paint a creative statement.

Our Targeted Audience

As an creative agency working for the greater good of our clients, our main targeted audience are entertainment agencies, fashion agencies & companies, tech industries, health & wellness companies, culinary companies and non profit organizations. We welcome businesses within their startup and growth stages as well.

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