You’ve Got Questions. We Have Answers.

How Much Does Your Agency Services Cost?

As much as we would love to give you a fixed price on our services, each service is dependent on the clients project and request. If your inquiring about web management services or digital marketing services, feel free to request a free digital audit.

How Long Before I Start Seeing Return On My Investment?

As there is no get rich quick scheme we can give you. Digital marketing takes time. Some clients will experience change within 3 months and others in 6 months. But we will make sure to form an efficient strategy that will help your business see a great ROI.

Time On Web Development Process?

Each web development project has it’s own timeframe based of client request and the complexity of the project. On average, small web projects will take about one month. More complex projects can take up to 3 months. Any project bigger than that will usually take up to 6 months.

How Does Tims Web Solutionz Stand Out From Everyone Else?

As we provide similar services as other digital agencies, we are committed to exercising techniques that allow our clients to save money and headaches. We understand our targeted industries and are always seeking after new and creative ways to make sure our clients grow and reach their desired goals. 

How Can You Save Me Money?

Most agencies focus on both organic and paid digital marketing. But we have set out to increase our clients awareness and conversions through organic means. We are able to do paid advertisement on social media if the client requests it. If we can save you money while delivering exceptional results, we have succeeded. 

What’s Needed In Order For Us To Start A Project?

Before any project, we always meet with our clients in order to get an overview of the task and start developing base strategies that we can take back to the lab and research. We just need for you to be an active listener, ready to answer a few questions and understand your market.

Who All Does Your Agency Work With?

Though we are open to work with majority of industries, we specialize with working withe the following industries: Fashion, Entertainment, Technology, Health & Wellness, Premium Grade Restaurants, and Non Profit Organizations. We are open to working with entrepreneurs and small businesses as well. 

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