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Welcome to the overview on Diverse Culture. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, small business owner or anything above, Diverse Culture has everything your company needs from creative services to flexible and cost efficient co-working space.

Creative Services

Design, Marketing, Etc...

Creative solutions to assist any and all businesses within the startup, growth, and expansion stages.

Creative Services

Start developing your creative brand strategy for your journey today and begin seeing the return.

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Coworking Space

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Connect with business professionals from different backgrounds & experiences and grow.

Coworking Space

We provide you with business resources, connections, and space. You just show up!

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Who Is Diverse Culture

Currently, Diverse Culture is operating under the name of Tims Web Solutionz and will undergoing a full merger into Diverse Culture Summer 2019. We’re a Creative Agency / Coworking Hub located in St. Louis, Missouri.  

Our focus is to develop of a community of professionals within the Entrepreneur, Small Business, Non-Profit, and Mid-Level stage that all come from a diverse background. Our agency is committed to developing a culture of professionals and businesses from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities and catering to their business development needs within connection growth and creative needs. We also want to offer different business resources such as workshops and conferences centered around diversity, business growth and development and creativity. Though it’s a huge task, we simply seek to expose diversity through creativity.

Agency Features


Creating intentional networking opportunities for our community to be able to make new friends, business colleagues and more.


Providing our clients and community with the proper resources in order help their brands become even more scalable.

Free Drink Break

Everyone loves a great drink while chatting or even working. We'll supply your thirst needs and join you in conversation.

Diverse Community

Join a culture developed from individuals from all different types of backgrounds and experiences. Become the community you want.

Best Location(s)

Let's rebuild the community and showcase the creativity within North City and South City Saint Louis. We're called the Show Me State for a reason.

Creative Team

No matter your creative needs, our agency has the solutions for you. Connect with our team and get ready for us to rock your socks!

Help Fuel A Truly Diverse Community Today. Your Support Is Wanted

Our Vision

We aim to become the premier global agency for businesses creative needs. Providing our clientele with superb service and unique designs. When society mentions Diverse Culture, they will think of a company that has a strict foundation within unity of all people from varied backgrounds and positions, coming together as one and developing innovative and creative ideas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip our space with the best possible resources and provide the best working environment to all our clients.

To reach our vision, Diverse Culture must bridge the gap between different communities, and ethnicities to create synergies that drive growth, learning and productivity in each individual business and organization. We must take action one person at a time by determining common factors within individuals to help bridge the gap by establishing physical and virtual communities to support these relationships. Our common denominator is creativity. We will focus on industries within the creative fields. In time, Diverse Culture will specialize in all things in design (i.e., Concept Design).

A Message From Our CEO

Greetings to all,

My name is Tim Williams, CEO and Founder of Tims Web Solutionz and Diverse Culture. I am truly excited for this new venture than my team and I have been diligently working on. I’d like to give you a quick overview on my story so you can understand where this venture and need came from:

God has blessed my family and I to travel several countries every year, and that’s not including the different states I’ve been blessed to travel to. Within my travels one consistent visual I saw was the unity and bond between the people. Despite the color, the background and/or experiences, people happily and knowingly showed genuine care for each other from several viewpoints (Personal Relationships, Professional Relationships, Religion, etc…). I began to think to myself, “Why don’t I see that in St. Louis, MO?” You’ll hear many companies say they are for diversity and inclusion, but you don’t truly see it. Diverse Culture is here to breakdown that specific wall within business while showcasing creativity.

So join us today and begin exposing diversity through creativity alongside our team. Let’s break the mentality of thinking we have to do it on our own, and join a team of diverse individuals from different experiences and backgrounds and truly become a successful and diversified venture.

Welcome to Diverse Culture!

Tim Williams

Our Sponsors

We'd like to thank our current sponsors for their support in our vision and look forward to adding to the list.

  • Tracy Williams - Kelley: Afton Chemical
  • Bishop Floyd Williams: End Times Christian Assembly Church
  • Pastor Jason Barney: Unfailing Love Christian Church
  • Melissa Webb: Purposeful Counseling LLC
  • Sherri Frazer: Divine Intervention Academy
  • Tiffaney Williams - Mayes: Total Praise Fitness LLC
  • Allen Sales: Ari's Ice Cream Parlor & Cafe
Coworking Hub Location(s)

No need to go knocking on other Co-Working Hub doors and announce our presence within their community. Let's establish our own and showcase true diversity in our selected locations.

North City (Saint Louis)
South City (Saint Louis)

As we are still finalizing details on location for both sectors, we ask that if you have any questions, please direct them to the contact form below. More information regarding locations and offerings will be provided at a later date. Stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you,

Diverse Culture Team

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