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Have you been seeking ways to increase your website traffic? Better yet… Have you been experiencing problems with turning your traffic into sales?

Our agency is committed to saving our clients money and giving them measurable results that lead to positive return on investment. In order to do provide these benefits to our clients, we focus on developing valuable organic SEO strategies and several other online marketing tools. Our digital marketing services are specifically developed with both you and your customers in mind. By partnering with Tims Web Solutionz, our clients can concentrate on running their businesses instead of digital marketing.

Services We Provide

Let’s keep it simple. You want to get in front of your audience, present them with a solution to their specific problem and through the life cycle of the relationship, have them convert into a buying customer. Here’s how:

On-Page SEO

We run month to month site audit in order to identify technical SEO issues that need to be addressed on a client’s website. 

Google Ranking

With all the different algorithm changes that Google continues to provide, we help clients with keyword research, backlinking and more.

Traffic & Analytics

It’s more than just rankings, but also increasing your overall search traffic across a broad range of chosen keywords.

Online Marketing Services for Small and Medium Businesses

Most Efficient & Popular Digital Marketing Services

SEO Consulting

We will assist you in creating a result driven SEO strategy specifically for your business.

Content Marketing

We are team, and we want to make sure we work closely with our clients in order to develop effective and engaging content strategies.

Technical Audit

Our SEO-audit will search and destroy any deficiencies from a organic search perspective.

Keyword Research

Through competitor analysis and diligent research, we are able discover keywords that are relevant to the client’s business.

Reporting & Analysis

After careful research and study on a clients Google analytics data, we will develop a extensive report.

Link Building

Look alive! We have an online marketing outreach team ready to create strategies to obtain high-quality backlinks to increase rankings.

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